RGH PrettyWood

'Minion' was a very determined purchase we made last summer. We knew Broden's calf horse, Wily Pretty Bird (Emma) had a foal, but didn't know where she was. Melissa diligently tracked her down, and we waited patiently for the day she might become available. They called, we jumped at the chance, and couldn't be more excited about adding her to our yard. Broden's loving the way she rides and just keeps saying that she's 'exactly like her mother', which is what we were hoping she would be. Welcome Home, Minion!  


Snap Outta It

'Cher' is a 4 year old filly out of Outta Trees and by Alabama Snap. She is special to us as she was born on our wedding day! She is kind hearted, athletic, and has that 'something' we just look for in every one of the prospects we keep. We can't wait to see what the future holds for her, as she is the only Snap colt from his first crop that we have left!  She's spent some of her summer months in 2018 living with Boe Brown so he can put his special touch on her foundation and help start another well broke athlete for us.

Cher 7.JPG

Playboys Ichi

Rex is our 3 year old gelding out of Playboys Handle Bar and by Cat Ichi. We named him affectionately after the man that taught Melissa and her Dad to cut, who is none other than local cowboy legend, Rex Cook. Rex is showing his personality daily, and has the right amount of intelligence and personality to be one of the good ones. He's currently in training with Clay Volmer in Millsap, TX, and we can't wait to watch him in a cutting pen some day, or if we are lucky, to be able to have the best view in the house as his rider! 


Double Barrel Cat

Darrell is our 3 year old gelding out of Outta Trees and Neat Little Cat. He's named after Melissa's Dad, as Darrell always wanted to breed to Neat Little Cat, and we were finally able to carry out that dream for him in 2016. He is the sweetest, most easy going colt, and we are excited to see how he grows, and how roan he stays! He's definitely been a flashy addition to the yard, just as Darrell would have wanted! He's currently in training with Clay Volmer of Millsap, TX, and we are optimistic that he will make a splashy addition to our line up of performance horses!


Alabama Moon Man

Derby is a three year old gelding out of Willows Moonglow and Alabama Snap., the last colt of that mare who was a pillar to our program for so many years. Since he's so sentimental, Melissa quickly claimed Derby as her own. He's a little more shy than the rest of our horses, but he is affectionate, and a quick learner! We can't wait to see where he takes us. His full brother, owned by Andy Cook, is in training with Thorstenson Performance Horses.


Smart Cedar Wood

Cedar is a 2017 filly we bought in a moment of weakness after we bought her mother to add to our broodmare band. Cedar is drop dead gorgeous, smart, easy to be around, and we are so excited to have her as a future star of our program, but also a future broodmare for our band.


Snap Into A Slim Jim

Slim Jim is a stunning 2018 gelding out of Sabres High On Holly by Alabama Snap. Hes long, lean, elegant, and with all that chrome, there was no way Melissa could let him go. We can’t wait to see how he grows, he’s the first colt of our Holly and Snap cross and we are impressed so far!


God of Thunder

Thor is a 2018 gelding out of MICN Dee Bar by Alabama Snap. We managed to keep him last fall, so we could finally enjoy one of Willy Filly’s colts for ourselves. Thor shares a birthday with a dear friend of ours, who awarded him his moniker. We are so impressed with how he’s grown and filled out this summer. We can’t wait to get him under saddle and see where he takes us!


Alabama Debutante (Pending)

Daisy is the only filly we had by Alabama Snap in 2019. She is the first colt out of Fancy Sheza Doc, and Fancy is not disappointing as a new member of our broodmare band. Daisy is deep in the heart girth, big hipped, correct, pretty headed, friendly and has some major eye appeal. We are glad to keep her as a replacement and future star of our program.


Alabama Long Cut (Pending)

We couldn’t resist naming this solid bay colt after one of Broden’s most necessary accessories… Grizzly Long Cut! Grizzly is a 2019 stud colt out of IMA Major Charge and by Alabama Snap. Grizz will be our last colt out of Cady, and boy is he a dandy. What he lacks in chrome and color, he makes up for in conformation and intelligence.


All The Rey Up

Ladybug is the first foal for Miss Smart Dual Rey and this cross on Cats Moonshine has not disappointed us. She’s a smart, sassy, and well put together little girl, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her as the future of our cutting horse program.


High End Honey

Honey might be our prized foal of the 2019 season. She’s out of Playboys Handle Bar and sired by High Brow CD. She is one of the most calm, composed, inquisitive, easily teachable colts we have ever had the privilege of raising. We cannot wait to swing a leg over her, and ride her to the herd.


Outta the Box

Betsy is a stunning red roan filly we bred specifically for Broden. She is out of Outta Trees and sired by Neat Little Cat. We have her full brother in cutting training with Clay Volmer, and Broden liked the gelding so much, we crossed this mare back to Neat Little Cat for another round. To say he lucked out is an understatement. She’s gorgeous, flashy colored, and has a big hip and good bone. We can’t wait to see him roping calves off this gal in the years to come!